TV System for Navigation and Observation (ТSNN)

TV System for Navigation and Observation (TSNN) has been designed for solving navigation and scientific tasks of the Phobos-Grunt mission.
TSNN consists of four TV four CCD-based TV cameras – two wide-angle (ShTK) and two narrow-angle (UTK) – mounted in pairs on the flight module on the opposite sides of the load-bearing frame. Thus, the stereoimaging base of two meters is provided.

Main characteristics of the TSNN TV cameras

Parameter UTK ShTK
Aperture 1:7 1:2
Focal length, mm 500 18
Photoreceivers CCD matrix
Number of active pixels 1000 x 1000
Pixel size, mkm 7.4х7.4
Resolution, arcsec 3.04 84.8
Field of view, grad   0.85 23.3
Radiometric resolution, bit 10
Mass, kg 2.7 1.7
Power consumption, W 8