System for the Scientific Payload Information Support (SIOK)

SIOK has been designed for controlling scientific payload of the “Phobos-Grunt” spacecraft. SIOK is a backup computer with an extended nonvolatile memory.
SIOK provides for the solution of the following tasks:
  • - reception of digital commands and onboard time code from the s/c housekeeping systems via data backbone between SIOK and s/c;
  • - transferring of the digital control commands and onboard time code via internal data backbone between SIOK and scientific instrumentation;
  • - collection and storage in permanent memory of data acquired by the s/c scientific instrumentation; and
  • - translation of scientific instrumentation data from memory to the s/c radio system during communications sessions.

Main characteristics

Power supply voltage range, V 23-32
Power consumption, W less than 4,0 for 27 V
Mass, kg 1,7
Dimensions, mm 179x170x68
Nonvolatile data memory, MB 32
Program memory, kB 128
Program RAM , MB 2
Data exchange interfaces MIL STD-1553B
Failure-free operation probability 0,97