Automatic Interplanetary Station Phobos-Grunt

Destination Delivery to Earth of soil samples from the Martian moon Phobos Д
Launch date November 2011
Mission duration 2011-2014
Onboard instruments developed at the Optico-physical department Flight module:
  • - TV-system for Navigation and Observation (TSNN) including two narrow-angle and two wide-angle cameras
  • - two BOKZ-MF star trackers
  • - two optical solar sensors OSD
  • - system for scientific payload information support (SIOK)
Return module:
  • - вtwo BOKZ-MF star trackers
  • - two optical solar sensors OSD
Comments TSNN has been developed for selecting the place for the descent probe landing during both flight in approaching orbits, and descent.
BOKZ-MF and OSD onboard the flight and return modules are destined for measuring s/c orientation parameters.
SIOK is intended for controlling scientific payload, acquiring data from scientific instrumentation and its preparing for downlinking to Earth.