"Meteor-M" #1 Spacecraft

Destination Global observation og the Earth atmosphere and surface
Launch date 17.09.2009
Mission duration 2009-2014
Onboard instruments developed at the Optico-physical department Coordinate and Clock Referencing System (KKVO) including:
  • - BOKZ-M star tracker
  • - autonomous navigation system (ASN) (KKVO is included into the s/c experimental part and is not reserved)
Satellite Multiband Imaging System (KMSS), including three cameras:
  • - two MSU-100
  • - one MSU-50
Comments Approximately ~36.000.000 sq. km, mainly on the Russia's territory are imaged using KMSS.
Imaging goal – ecology monitoring.
Data is received, stored and distributed by the Research Center for Earth Operative Monitoring (www.ntsomz.ru) and the Scientific Research Center of Space Hydrometeorology "Planeta" (http://planet.iitp.ru)
Imagery coordinate referencing is made using KKVO data.
The software for processing raw data acquired from KMSS and KKVO is developed at the Optico-physical department