Lander of the Luna-Resurs Mission

Destination Contact and remote studies of the lunar regolith, planet's inner structure as well as plasma and dust exosphere in Moon's near polar regions
Launch date 2014
Mission duration 2014–2015
Onboard instruments developed at the Optico-physical department Two star trackers BOKZ-MF
Two optical solar sensors OSD
Lander's housekeeping TV system (STS-L), including:
  • - near-field stereocamera (КАМ-С);
  • - five surveillance cameras (КАМ-О);
  • - module for image data collection and storage (BSD).
Comments Near-field stereoimaging will provide for obtaining on Earth three dimensional metric images of the movement range of manipulator's mechanical hand with research instrumentation
Surveillance cameras will make possible observing the perimeter around the lander and also to register dust processes on boundaries of lunar surface's shadowed and illuminated sites.
The instruments' prototypes are being developed