Roman V. Bessonov - head of the department,
Ph. D (engineering sciences),
deputy chief designer.
Heads the department since 2010.

R.V. Bessonov came in IKI in 2002 as a 4th year student of the Bauman Moscow State Technical University. In 2004 he graduated from university with honors degree. His graduate thesis was largely based on the work at IKI. The practical result of the thesis was the software system for calculating radiation resistance of space devices, which is currently the main instrument for calculating the radiation resistance of devices developed by the Optico-physical Department.

Immediately after graduation, Roman Bessonov entered a PhD program at IKI RAN and three years later defended his Ph.D. thesis on "Research and development of an integrated device for spacecraft attitude control." During the period of working on the dissertation an integrated star tracker with a built-in MEMS gyroscope, as well as of techniques and equipment for its testing and processing were created.
The development of the integrated devices draw talented young people, who under the guidance of R.V. Bessonov launched work on creating compact navigation system for spacecraft and advanced the study of MEMS gyroscopes and satellite navigation systems GLONASS/GPS.
In 2008, R. Bessonov was elected head of the Laboratory for Optical and Physical Research. Under the leadership of R. Bessonov works on creating and testing new generations of star trackers are being conducted, and begins a new branch of developing airborne devices, with an ability to track the stars, not excepting the day.
In 2010, RV Bessonov was elected to head the department, which, thanks to the success of the team and its leaders in this and prior periods annually develops, creates and delivers to industrial enterprises about 70 units of instruments and equipment for various purposes - stellar and solar devices for s/c attitude control remote sensing systems, equipment for their testing and processing.